Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tip for women when it comes to flirting
There are a few things you should know about me:
1- I work with numbers, I don't work with exceptions outside of the majority. So my ideas/theories apply only to the majority of people and might not work a small amount of people.
2- Most of the stuff, I will tell you is true and works. Backed up not only by personal experience but more than a few psychologist/psychiatrist whose work I have read for more than a few years. I don't read self -help books or any of that crap, I read books written by authors with scientific backgrounds. Numbers.
Okay, I could write a book on this subject, in fact there are many book s written on this subject so for me to tell you everything will be impossible.
Anything and everything you do when flirting remember one thing "humans have been doing this for thousands of years", we do have a mating ritual that we follow. Some people chose not to follow it and that is okay but then again they're not getting the good females of our species.
Traditionally (biologically speaking) women have relied on men for protection/safety/comfort. I am one of the biggest supporters of equal rights however I do understand that there are difference between having only 1 x-chromosome and 2.
So to the good stuff... (very basic concepts, do not treat them as examples but rather ideas)
Men are by nature very sexually driven creatures, we like sex and we are programmed to want to have sex with females to keep the species alive while women are meant to be selective.
  • So adding 1 or 2 sexual innuendos on the conversation will help your odds. This will not only "sub-consciously" turn him on but also it will open his eyes and see you as a potential mate (I use very crude terminology for this topic, I know). Men are by nature dominant (don't get me wrong, everyone once in a while, I like it when a girl slaps me during sex or tells me what to do) but by like feeling as if they're protecting/dominating you...
  • Give him the illusion of power and maybe throw a line that says something like "I feel so safe with you" or "you're strong"...again an idea...not an example.
Men by default do like innocent women, that is why for the past countless centuries, we have had a huge slut shamming phenomena in like women who are not sleeping around with other guys and men like to feel as if they have the most sexual experience. (I know how it sounds...but it is true)
  • so if he makes a sexual joke or something, laugh at it but act a bit shy...enough to tell him that you got it and think is funny but also telling him that that is something you would never do...don't say it tho! body language. Currently in our society a woman who claims she will not do "x" or "y" is discarded but men DO GO after the women who show in the body language that they're embarrassed by it.
There are biological set behaviors and have to understand both for success.
questions? want more specific examples for a specific situation?


  1. Great blog a lot of good advice too and yes I agree as a lot of it is very true indeed.

  2. I actually used the innuendo rule last weekend. I didn't go much further, but it's good to see I was on track. Good blog,man!

  3. Hi! Here checking you out and I'm glad I did. :) First, innuendos do work. In my experience, men like a woman who can get their minds spinning a bit (sexually speaking) but also love the fact that they can bring their experience to the table (and the floor, and the backseat of the car, etc...)

    I remember when my (now) husband and I were discussing "the number". He laughed out loud when he found out he was the "slut" in our relationship. However, I think he was also pleasantly surprised.

    I'll be following, I'd like to see what observations you have next.

  4. Good post! I'm excited to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  5. I think you over simplify things and using generalisations based on stereo-typical behaviour is dangerous.

    We as humans have many wide and varied views on what we perceive as alluring behaviour. What may be true or work for one person is not necessarily how it will pan out for others.

  6. I agree with jp, everyone is different. Everyone likes different things. I will follow the blog and see what else you bring to the table.


  7. Not a female but interesting read nonetheless, looking forward to reading more on this blog.

  8. Interesting blog...I'll be back for more!

  9. Interesting. I have been studying social sciences for years now and nearly finished with an MA. I'm following you to see what you come up with next!

  10. An interesting post, and some good tips. It's amazing when you think about it, men are so easy to manipulate if a woman knows what she is doing..